About Us

Celynoir Woman


Introducing Celynoir Leathers, luxury purses that epitomize sophistication, craftsmanship and timeless elegance. We create meticulously designed handbags, made in America of the finest materials, showcasing exquisite detailing and the impeccable style that women of discerning tastes appreciate.  


We were hunting for the perfect classic bag at a reasonable price which would incorporate a feeling of nostalgia and timeless elegance. We wanted a handbag that brought a connection to the strong women in our lives; the women who raised us, influenced, and shaped us. Unable to find That Bag,  we decided to design and create it! We want our bags to remind us of our foremothers, but still be useful to us in our current lives. As we have been and still are active in our churches, social and service clubs, sororities, organizations (both professional and civic) and our businesses, we each certainly deserve That Bag. Don’t we?


Our products tie into our personal goal of helping to uplift and boost self confidence in professional, creative and influential women. A perfect handbag makes you look good, feel good and just cheers you up (which is particularly important when you’re out to change the world). With a Celynoir bag, you will elevate your style and make a statement wherever you go. Go ahead and indulge yourself for a change, and become part of the elegant world of the Celynoir Woman. You deserve it.